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Our sharing platters, oversized salads and the daily traditional recipe are paired with creative cocktails and the best wine and Champagne. Savor our international culinary experience in a magical atmosphere.

Stalis hotspot Nemo Beach Stalis Beach has it all – fabulous views, exquisite food, creative cocktails and an atmosphere like no other!

Head to Nemo Beach Stalis, nestled on the best bay in Stalis and discover a beachfront hidden gem.

Find a spot in the restaurant’s casual seating areas and enjoy fresh choices from an extensive menu as the waves roll in the distance. The versatile menu provides hearty sustenance whether you’re just waking up or craving a mid-day omelet and there is a delicious variety of appetizers, main meals and delicious desserts. As time slips away and afternoon sets in, sip on signature cocktails under the sun as the beats take hold and fun begins.

The venue enjoys both outdoor and indoor seating, has a large bar area.


Our menu is curated to
include signature flavors.

Menu Highlights

  • Tzatziki
  • Tuna Mayo Toastie
  • Turkey & Tomato Baguette
  • Bacon Feta Omelette
  • Special Salad

    lettuce,fresh tomato,onions,green pepper, grated Gouda cheese, ham and rashers of smoked bacon, all this with creamy dressing of marie rose

  • Nemo's Special Burger

    Double burger topped with bacon | cheese | onions | green peppers

  • Carbonara

    cream, bacon, parsley

  • Nemo Special Pizza

    Tomato sauce | fresh tomato | onion | green pepper | mushrooms | bacon | feta cheese | grated cheese

  • Portion Of Gyros
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad
  • Greek Yogurt With Honey And Chopped Walnuts

"Tell Only Your Best Friends"

Summer State Of Mind

Chunks of tuna on a bed of crispy lettuce with chopped fresh tomato,onion,green peppers in a creamy mayo dressing

Nemo Beach Stalis Beach exudes a laidback vibe with a sunset party atmosphere. Cuisine and cocktails are complemented by great music and entertainment.